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*First Post*

Hi, welcome to ASKJENNY.. I'm here to help you out as best as i can. You can ask me questions about anything, on any topic as advice. Post your advice needings as an community entry and I'll comment below or you can leave your email address and i'll get you an answer asap.

Feel free to leave whatever you need! cause i kno there are some people out there that have been through the same thing your going through. PPL in the community feel free to show support and leave your best interest advice! I most likely have been through what you've been through and understand completely.

This community however will not give advice on how to become anorexic or bullimc. Will not teach you how to cut yourself, or anything like that. So dont ask for tips.

thats all, feel free to ask away.


if ur scared to post, contact me at my personal journal and i'll give you my email addy there
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