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Dear Jenny

Dear Jenny,

I'm confused. Very, very confused. I have this friend. She's my best friend matter of fact and I will call her Bugs. So Bugs always yells at me becuse I think I'm fat and ugly. Actually I don't think I'm so ugly. Just fat. And you're suppose to feel good about yourself. And I said that I'll try. I am trying. Very hard in fact. I getting over it and starting to feel great about myself and accept me for who I am. Who I was ment to be. So anyways whenever we're in a fight she always accuses me of not trying when I am. I tell her this and she says she felt bad about accusing me. 

We get into little fights all the time and I know I'm at fault a lot. She says I make her feel like crap. Like she's crap or something. I don't think I do, but at the same time I don't know. Then she went on on how she has no friends and everyone like me better. Her example was when I yell out to the class at random times "Billy Sue Jane needs a pencil" in third person and people give me a pencil or whatever and that if I'm sitting there depressed than someone will be like "what's the matter" she says that people don't do that stuff for her and I really don't pay attention to that stuff. 

Also she thinks I'm prettier than her. I don't think i am but she does and so does Brittany our friend and fellow band member. She always talks about how pretty people are. I think Bugs if pretty though.  Basically she thinks I have a better life and I just don't know. What to do that is. So if you could tell me or give advise than I would be so greatful.

I remain, 
Billy Sue Jane
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